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We are always on the look out for new projects, working on exciting new ideas and developing new projects that are meaningful to us. 

Documentary: Fyrtårnet Muyinja (working title)

Luba Mukibi Lynch lives in Copenhagen and now feels that she must do more in the fight against climate change. So she decides to travel back to her aging father's eco-resort, on the edge of Lake Victoria in Uganda, to help him develop the country's tourism in a sustainable way.


We follow Luba from Copenhagen to Kampala and see with our own eyes what challenges she faces in her fight to help her father and the climate. And not least hear about the challenges people in Uganda are facing and what they are doing to solve the problems that climate change brings with it.

Maybe we can learn something in Denmark from the Ugandans?

Starring: Luba Mukibi Lynch & Ibrahim Mukiibi

Working title: Lighthouse Muyinja

Director: Katrine Weber

Denmark / Uganda, 2022-

The project is supported by CISU/The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mercurfonden.

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