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We are always on the look out for new projects, working on exciting new ideas and developing new projects that are meaningful.

Documentary film: Dreaming Serenada (working title)

Luba Mukibi Lynch lives in Copenhagen and feels that she must do more in the fight against climate change. So she decides to travel back to her aging father's eco-resort, Serenada, situated in the rainforest on the edge of Lake Victoria in Uganda, to help him preserve his legacy. We follow Luba from Copenhagen to Kampala and back again, and see what challenges she faces in her fight to make a difference in the era of climate change.​​

Starring: Luba Mukibi Lynch & Ibrahim Mukiibi

Working title: Lighthouse Muyinja

Director: Katrine Weber

Producer: Kirstine Barfod

Denmark / Uganda, 2022-​​


The project is supported by CISU/The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Merkurfonden.

Documentary series: Mindset 

A thought-provoking documentary series that reveals innovative approaches to mental health from around the world. Fairfemmes helped produce the Danish episode of the series Mindset showing on Al Jazeera English's channel on February 1, 2024 and Al Jazeera English's Youtube channel on January 28. For more information about the series, please visit:

The team won a Silver Telly in the category "Television: Science & Technology".


Documentary series: We are Europe 

"We are Europe" is a 6-part documentary series for the Belgian National Broadcast. Photographer, Lieve Blancquaert ( travels around the EU in order to photograph and talk to the people. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 as a starting point, Lieve investigates how life has changed in the EU in the past 33 years.  ​ Fairfemmes helped research, casting, fixing and general production of the Scandinavian episode of the series showing on Belgium National Broadcast, VRT, on March 6, 2024:

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