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FAIRFEMMES is a media production company that tell strong stories for the eyes, the ears and the heart. Through documentary storytelling, we make people identify, feel and act.

We arose out of a desire to represent women more in the world. And to develop the world in a more fair and sustainable fashion both from an environmental and human perspective. That is why we are called Fairfemmes.

Working in a small setup with a large network makes it possible to deliver a smooth proces and better creative work on a fair budget.

We Engage People 

A strong visual narrative will catch your audience and stay with them for a long time. Nothing sticks with you like an engaging story.

A podcast can get you very close to your recipient. The human voice creates intimacy and nearness. And makes you remember. You can listen to podcasts wherever and whenever you like.

We Develop Stories

We meet and discuss your needs, target groups and ideas. We act as creative and strategic sparring partners when you have a story that you would like to be told.

We research further on the subject, develop a story, and write a short synopsis or a script. And produce your film or podcast from start to finish.

Or we discuss the possibilities based on an already well-worked out idea.


We can produce a series of films or podcasts, or just a single piece.

We Fix and Produce

We also help colleagues from abroad creating their own stories in Denmark.

We research, fix and produce, and help you out from pre-production to post.

And finally, we develop our own documentaries. There are so many important stories to be told out there

- so we cannot help not to!

Katrine Weber
Owner, Producer & Director

Educated as an Anthropologist from London and Copenhagen with a visual focus. Has attended longer film school courses at Copenhagen Short and Documentary Film School - and most recently Ecole DE LETH (Jørgen Leth's film school) where she was awarded several prices for her final film.


Has worked with Public Affairs and strategic communications as well as producing and directing podcasts, documentaries and short fiction films.

Curious and full of ideas. Constantly developing new stories for the world.

Katrine Weber
Crew, Cast & Collaborators
Film and video production
FAIRFEMMES work with top of the line media professionels. We collaborate with Cinematographers, Script Writers, Actors, Editors, Sound Designers, Music Composers, Graphic Designers and Colour Artists. For smaller budgets, we fill out some of these roles ourselves.


It was a great pleasure and experience collaborating with FAIRFEMMES, where they delivered above and beyond expectations on the project deliverables.


Katrine and Sarah shaped our thinking around how to approach the problem, and the best ways to manifest the solutions via storytelling and creative thinking.”

- Navid Attaran, Project Manager, Novo Nordisk

I hired FAIRFEMMES to produce a promotional film about my company. Our collaboration was fantastic. I had a feeling of being guided professionally through the whole process. They had a great sense of the subject and understanding of the pedagogical message that I wanted to convey to my customers. As well as of the cast of the film - two teenage girls. The end product was of such high quality that I have received many new customers. Therefore, I highly recommend FAIRFEMMES."

- Bettina Lerche, Læring i Bevægelse.

Novo Nordisk
Foreningen af danske sygeplejersker
Udenrigsministeriets oplysnings- og engagement pulje
Læring i bevægelse
Lille Kvast
Al Jazeera

Tel. (+45) 23727784

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